Spring recipes

Spring recipes

Its finally spring and the flowers are starting to bloom: our spring recipes are ideal for ringing in spring the right way.

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Spring brings a renewal of flavours, colours and aromas to our kitchens. It’s time to embrace healthy breakfasts, meal prep ideas and all those delicious spring vegetables. Our collection of spring recipes, featuring everything from roast lamb for Easter to light spring chicken dishes, is designed to inspire. Our vegan-friendly spice blends and seasoning mixes ensure that every dish, whether it’s for a simple family dinner or a special Easter gathering, is bursting with natural, wholesome flavour.


Healthy breakfasts to kick-start spring days

Begin your day with something delicious and nutritious. Our Bircher muesli with nut butter and fruit or this stunning acai bowl are both perfect for this. Sprinkle some Sweet Allrounder on your breakfast porridge for a hint of sweetness without the guilt or add some Coffee Kiss for a nutty hint of chocolate in your granola.


Meal prep ideas for effortless spring eating

If you’re looking to cook efficiently but without sacrificing taste, quick recipes like our halloumi and roast veggie wraps and tomato avocado salad will become your go-tos. Our Original Salad Topping adds depth to any salad, while the Vegetable Allrounder brings out the vibrant flavours of roasted vegetables, making meal prep both easy and delicious. Store the prepped individual ingredients (cooked quinoa, roasted vegetables, pan-fried halloumi, chopped cucumber, shredded lettuce) in glass containers in your fridge and assemble meals as and when you need. This can be more satisfying than preparing five portions of the exact same meal.


Celebrate spring vegetables in salads

Spring’s harvest offers us a plethora of vegetables to enrich our diet. Incorporate them into dishes like our fabulous Waldorf salad and or this tasty halloumi salad. The Tomato Mozzarella Seasoning does more than it says on the tin, adding delicious flavour to all sorts of cheeses in salads. A sprinkle of Original Salad Topping can turn a simple salad into a gourmet experience. Alternatively, try our Balsamic Dressing Mix for an easy way to stir up a dressing without any flavour enhancers or ingredients you can’t pronounce.


Easter recipes for memorable family gatherings

In a foodie’s calendar, Easter is a time for tradition and indulgence. Our roast lamb, Easter egg brownies and hot cross bun recipes are perfect for the occasion. When you put your lamb on to roast, season it with the Meat Allrounder for a mouth-watering aroma and flavour. Coffee Kiss adds a touch of magic to your brownies, and give your hot cross buns the Just Spices treatment with the groundbreaking addition of Apple Cinnamon Porridge Spice – you won’t regret it!


Spring recipes for light and lively meals

Embrace the lightness of spring with a starter of this delicate salmon carpaccio or perhaps a dip of whipped feta and spiced honey to enjoy with crudités. Our versatile Chicken Seasoning isn’t just for poultry; it can add an unexpected twist to all sorts of recipes – including vegan chicken substitutes such as in this vegan chicken recipe. 


Cooking with spring greens

Spring greens are the stars of the season. Try our bright and zingy green asparagus soup, brought to life by our Vegetable Stock containing no added sugar. Our recipes showcasing light and fresh veggies include our asparagus and ham pasta, a colourful rainbow sandwich (the perfect pick-me-up at the office) and this simple chicken and veg stir-fry. We show you how you can elevate the simple elegance of fresh produce by using the right spice mixes and seasoning blends.


Spring dessert ideas

Craving the bright, fresh flavour of lemons? You’re not alone. We love making this lemon yoghurt cake in the spring and enjoying with an elderflower cordial on the first warm afternoon of the year. Try this lemon mousse for a more refined dessert at your spring dinner party. A beautiful carrot cake has to be on the menu around Easter – to offset all those Easter eggs. It’s called balance. Alternatively, grab your leftover Easter eggs and turn them into brownies or fill your Easter nests!

This spring, let our recipe collection inspire you to bring the essence of the season to your table. With our natural, vegan-friendly spice blends and seasoning mixes, you’re equipped to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary meals. Our healthy dinner ideas, nutritious lunch suggestions and vibrant spring recipes are here to guide you through a season of delightful cooking. Explore, taste and enjoy the freshness of spring in every bite.


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