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Chef tipping out food from air fryer basket

What to cook in an air fryer: A beginner’s guide

#html-body [data-pb-style=GTK51B1]{justify-content:flex-start;display:flex;flex-direction:column;background-position:left top;background-size:cover;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-attachment:scroll}Learn all about air frying with our latest article about what to cook in your new air fryer. From understanding the basics of how an air fryer works to discovering a variety of delicious recipes, including chips, sweet potato fries, chicken thighs, salmon, chicken nuggets and even churros, this guide is your ticket to healthier, quicker and tastier meals. Whether you’re new to the world of air frying or looking to expand your weeknight repertoire, our expert tips and mouthwatering recipes promise to improve your cooking experience. Join us in embracing the efficiency and health benefits of air frying and let your air fryer adventures begin!
Bowl of sweet-and-sour pork with pot of Chinese spice mix

The Year of the Dragon: Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year in 2024 falls on 10 February. Let’s ring in the Year of the Dragon the best way we know how – with food, spices and recipes!
Chicken Normandy in cast-iron pan with lid and wooden board, with Meat & Roast Seasoning from Just Spices

How to season cast iron

Master the art of seasoning your cast-iron pan! Use our handy step-by-step guide to learn the benefits of seasoning, as well as essential tips for maintaining your hard-won non-stick surface. Elevate your cooking game today and discover delicious new ideas for cooking with cast iron.
How to go vegan

How to go vegan

How to go vegan: Practical tips for transitioning to a plant-based diet, emphasising the importance of nutrients like iron and protein, and showcasing the art of vegan cooking with a variety of our delicious spice blends and seasonings. Read on for a range of delicious vegan recipes, from breakfast to dinner, demonstrating how classic dishes can be reinvented in vegan form.
How to season avocado

How to season avocado

Avocado, the buttery, green power fruit, has become the absolute favourite of many health-conscious people in recent years. And for good reason! Because avocados are not only super tasty, but also incredibly healthy. We'll show you which spices go particularly well with avocado and which tips and tricks you can use to turn this green fruit into a real flavour experience!
How to cook salmon

How to cook salmon

Immerse yourself in the world of salmon cooking with our comprehensive guide! Start your journey with tips on how to select the freshest salmon and set the stage for a delicious meal. Discover the different ways to cook salmon, from grilling to poaching and learn how to achieve the perfect doneness. We'll also give you tips on the ideal temperatures to cook salmon to your liking. This guide will take your salmon dishes to new heights!

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You, Me & Good Food

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Empfehlung: Brunch recipes

Brunch recipes

Looking for delicious recipes for brunch? Mother’s Day is coming up!

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