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Give your favourite dishes the spice they deserve! With us there is something for every taste, let yourself be inspired and find your perfect match!

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Delicious spice blends from Just Spices

If we are honest, we have more ideas for spice blends than we can actually develop. But you can see from the considerable number that we already came up with quite a few for you. Classic, practical for everyday use, fancy, seasonal or totally wacky: There's a spice blend for every taste - whether you're an omnivore, meat lover, vegan or sugar friend. 

Maybe you are someone who cooks a certain dish over and over again? And you've been doing it for years because it's just so good? Great! Because we're happy when our spice buddies are busy swinging the wooden spoons and want to bring even more fun and joy in the kitchen with our spice blends. No matter which dish you may have already perfected - we guarantee that it will be just that little bit better with the right blend.


Hungry? Here you can buy Just Spices spice blends online

Just Spices spice blends accompany you throughout the day. We have created blends for all hungry cravings, from breakfast to dinner. If you want to buy our spice blends online, you can simply scroll and get inspired or use our filters. For example, discover our blends from faraway countries or get to know all the spice blends for potatoes. From salad dressing to Sunday roast, our spice blends will bring all your culinary creations to perfection - without additives and flavour enhancers.

Bring a little life into your kitchen: We bet that with so many spicy choices you won't want to get your fill! Bring colour, variety and diversity into your kitchen and dishes - with our spice blends.


Spice blends for meat

Chicken, minced meat, steak or roast - with the right spice blends your meat will be perfect. Our all-time favorite is the Chicken Seasoning, with which you give bland chicken breasts proper flavor. The times when you didn't know how to spice up minced meat are also over - thanks to our Ground Meat Seasoning. Whether you're cooking goose, goulash or gyros, Turkish, Italian or German: we have the right spice blend so that no one falls off the meat. 


Spice blends for barbecue!

Bratwurst, burgers and beer: barbecuing is celebrated in many countries. So that your taste buds also celebrate, we have developed suitable spice blends for your barbecue. Our Meat Allrounder gives barbecued meat a particularly spicy note and if you fancy a burger, all you need is good minced meat and our tasty Burger Seasoning Also for fish and tofu, we have the right spice ready. Let the coals glow! 


Spices from all over the world - go on a journey with us!

Our country-specific spice blends are so diverse that you could go on a culinary trip around the world. Among them are creations like the Chinese Allrounder, with which you can refine the simplest dishes. But there are also some really tasty spices from all over the world, like the Mexican Allrounder, with which you can make a fiery chilli and tacos perfectly. Then there is our Italian Allrounder, which gives pizza, pasta, pesto or lasagna the amore it deserves. Take your time, cook your way through your favourite country or explore new places all over the world!


Discover our Indian spice blends

We have a very special relationship with Indian spice mixtures, because that's actually where it all began. Dishes like currys, pilafs, tandooris and naans are awesome, but we also know how time-consuming they are to cook. That's mainly because of all the spices you need. This is why we thought it was extremely important to create an Indian spice blend for you, with which you can finally satisfy your cravings for Indian dishes in an easy, simple and tasty way. Discover now our Curry Madras for all currys, to refine dips or to marinate.


Simply delizioso: Italian spice blends for your favorite food

What would life be without pizza, pasta, pomodoro and all the other fine foods from Bella Italia? So that it tastes like Mamma's, we have brought a lot of Italian spice blends for you from Italy, with which you can conjure up every dish really into something “perfetto”. Our Italian Sandwich Seasoning brings you a pinch of an Italian flavour on your morning bread. The Pasta Allrounder will make your noodles better than the Italian around the corner!


Start your day right: Our spice blends for breakfast

No matter if you are in a hurry in the morning and take a loaf of bread in your hand or if you prefer a hearty breakfast: We always have the right spice mix for you and refine every dish in every situation.


Oh my sweet oatmeal!

Welcome to oatmeal heaven: Oatmeal is a real superhero. That's why we've dedicated several spice blends to the whole grain, such as our Oatmeal Spice. We promise you that once you have eaten your oatmeal with our Oatmeal Spice, you will never want to eat it any other way. Whether it's a nutty breakfast bowl or a fruity oatmeal in summer: our Oatmeal Spice gives your porridge the ideal flavour. For the sweet tooth: Take your pancakes to a new level with the Pancake Spice. Either in the batter or as a topping - you'll love it.


Egg-cellent breakfast!

Do you prefer something hearty and protein-rich? Whether you want to eat fried egg, scrambled egg or omelette: Our Egg Topping shines under the motto “back to basics”. Only not in taste! Simply add it to your egg dish and pimp it with other toppings.


Happy snacktime with our Sandwich Seasoning.

For those who aren't into oatmeal, pancakes, smoothie bowls and porridge oats, we've created wonderful savoury condiments that will turn any boring slice of bread into a breakfast highlight. Desire for a loaf of bread? Then get our Sandwich Seasoning and add some flavour to your breakfast roll, lunch sandwich or evening bread. You'll taste it: our blend is much more than just a spice for breakfast!

Without avocado? Without me! The avocado is at the forefront when it comes to bread toppings. But if we're honest, it doesn't really shred without spice. Our Avocado Topping with pyramid salt, black sesame, tomato and chilli takes the green fruit to the next level and turns even sceptics into loyal fans of the buttery pear.

We could talk about our spice blends until tomorrow. But for now, have fun shopping! If your favourite spice is not available, please leave your email address and we will let you know as soon as it is available again!