• Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning -  - Italian Sandwich Seasoning
  • Italian Sandwich Seasoning

    Spice up sarnies, Italian-style

    100% of 100
    •  Add fantastic flavour to ciabattas & panini
    •  Delicious in tomato & mozzarella salad 
    •  Made with natural ingredients
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    For sandwiches that taste like sunny Italian holidays

    Get the taste of Italy in your sandwich! With our Italian Sandwich Seasoning, you can transform sandwiches, bruschetta and all bread-based creations into a deliciously tasty treat for your taste buds!

    Best ingredients.
    For the best taste.

    Just Spices - Italian Sandwich Seasoning - detail image
    Seasoning for sandwiches Italian style:
    Sea salt, Tomato flakes, Paprika, Minced red onion, Leek, Basil, Grated garlic, Oregano, Parsley, Savory, Crushed chilli, Ground fennel seed

    Allergen advice: May also contain cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, almonds, mustard, celery, sesame seeds and peanuts
    Store cool and dry.

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    We always strive to improve our products based on your feedback. Therefore, our ingredients and associated list of ingredients may from time to time be subject to minor changes. You can read the latest information on the respective product packaging.

    The consistency and colour of the natural ingredients in our products may vary slightly depending on the temperature and growing conditions. Although their appearance may change slightly, this does not affect the quality of the products.

    nutritional values
    998 kJ/238 kcal
    4.2 g
    of which saturates
    0.7 g
    31 g
    of which sugars
    26 g
    26 g
    11 g
    17.6 g
    Italian Sandwich Seasoning

    5.0 out of 5 stars:
    User reviews.

    10 reviews in total
    Review Review Review

    Lisa at 21/04/2022

    Lisa Tastes great! It rounds off the sandwich in a Mediterranean way

    Alina at 21/04/2022

    Alina Mega! I can absolutely recommend it.

    Vivian at 21/04/2022

    Vivian Just like the normal Stullen Spice, this one should not be missed anymore

    Josefine at 21/04/2022

    Josefine Mega yummy. ❤️

    You have questions? We have answers!

    Our Italian Sandwich Seasoning will upgrade any boring sandwich. Mediterranean herbs such as basil and oregano introduce a bright freshness to your sandwich, while tomatoes, peppers and red onions add a deep umami flavour. The great thing about our seasoning mix is that you only need a pinch or two for a real treat. Take your Italian bread creation to new heights and spice it up with our Italian Sandwich Seasoning. We guarantee that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to use it all the time!

    Our Italian Sandwich Seasoning is perfect for all sorts of Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches. How about a delicious ciabatta with a caprese filling or antipasti veg? Try the mix in bread dough and create something wonderful! As well as delicious sandwich creations, the Italian herb mix can also be used to flavour other dishes such as pasta salad or a Mediterranean bowl. Take a look at the 5-star reviews in our community and find more creative ideas for how to use the Italian Sandwich Seasoning!

    We recommend using 2 pinches on each slice of bread. You can sprinkle our Italian Sandwich Seasoning over your open-faced sandwich as a topping, or use it in dips or bread dough. Give it a try and let us know your favourite combination!

    Our spice mixtures, toppings and seasonings are packaged so that they’re impermeable to light and air. That means they stay fresher for longer whilst retaining their intense flavour. However, it’s important that you store the pots in a cool and dry place. You’ll find the best-before date printed on the bottom of the pot. Our Italian Sandwich Seasoning has a shelf life of 30 months from production, but we’re sure it won’t take that long before you need your next one!

    Yes! We’re passionate about natural products. That’s why our Italian Sandwich Seasoning is made with natural ingredients, without the use of flavour enhancers.

    Yes! All of our products are suitable for vegans. We’re committed to using natural ingredients and care about sustainability.

    Yes! Our Italian Sandwich Seasoning is free from gluten and nuts. As our chefs develop and perfect all the blends for you in the Just Spices kitchen, traces of cereals containing gluten may be present. The same applies to egg, milk, nuts, mustard, soya, celery, sesame seeds and peanuts.

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