Taking responsibility. Our promise for a better world.

Our mission is to empower people all over the world to cook food they love. We believe nothing contributes more to being healthy and happy than eating good food. Our spice blends make peoples’ lives easier and inspire them to try out new things.

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We want to achieve even more.

We want to ensure that more people around the world have access to food. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a hot meal every day. Alleviating such problems is part of the social and ecological responsibility we bear towards the planet and its people. We’ve made great strides forward in recent years, but are still far from finished. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve and are determined to achieve our goals!

Spicebuddy: Oatmeal Spice Our mission

We take responsibility for our people, our planet and our products.


Our team.
The power of people.

We believe in the power of people working together as a team. It’s only by closely collaborating that we can hope to help so many people with their everyday cooking. One thing that’s particularly important to us is creating a company culture where everyone feels they can be their true self. With over 15 different cultures, our team is as diverse as our different pots and spice mixes. Working in such an environment every day helps us all grow as people. We’re proud to have created an honest and healthy working atmosphere and are committed to equality and diversity. It’s these values that inspire us to stand up for people around the world who don’t enjoy regular access to food. That’s why, together with food banks in Germany, we collect a large amount of food every month that can no longer be sold and donate it to people affected by poverty.


Our planet. Our home.

We source 300 different spice blends from a wide range of countries. This means we have a particular responsibility to protect our planet and keep our impact on the environment as minimal as possible. That’s why we’re always looking for sustainable solutions. For example, our packaging - and our shipping to our end customers - is 100% climate-neutral. On top of that, we’re increasingly using organic spices in our products.

However, there’s still work to be done. Based on the UN’s global sustainability goals, it’s safe to say the journey has only just begun. Nevertheless, we remain committed to doing our bit for the planet. Our goal is to offset 100% of our CO2 emissions by 2025 and reduce our emissions both internally at Just Spices and along our supply chain. Because being climate-neutral does not equal being emission-free.


Our products.
Our promise.

Our spice blends make delicious cooking simple. We want to make peoples’ lives easier and inspire their everyday cooking. What’s crucial to us is that everything we sell is the best it can possibly be. We produce our products to the highest standards of quality and make sure they’re packaged as sustainably as possible. They’re proof that spices can help you eat carefully and consciously, and that reducing your intake of salt, fat and sugar needn’t mean compromising on taste.

We don’t just want to make the world tastier, more colourful and spicier, we also want to make it a little bit better too! As such, 80% of our products are free from added salt or sugar.** In addition, we constantly review our existing blends as well as new products and are actively working to further reduce their salt & sugar content.

* GFSI: Global Food Safety Initiative (promotes food safety for consumers)
** Products contain natural sugars

We’re a certified B Corp

We did it! In 2023 we became a certified B Corp company. B Corp certification recognises companies that are committed to doing business responsibly.

We feel it’s our duty to keep the environmental and social impact of everything we do to a minimum. B Corp certification is a unique opportunity for us to show what we stand for, to learn and to improve. From analysing our carbon footprint, to making life in our office more sustainable, we’ve spent two years working hard to join this global community. And we’ve got big plans for the future!

Nobody can achieve major change alone. That’s why B Corp, a movement of over 6,000 companies worldwide, is about more than just itself. It’s about the power of many, and what we can achieve together.

Celebration Illustration with B-Corp Logo

Our projects. Making things better together.

Supporting German food banks

Food waste is also something we care greatly about too. As of 2021, statistics show that over 13 million people in Germany are affected by poverty, with over 2 million people requiring regular support from local food banks. Tafel Deutschland – the organisation responsible for managing food banks across the country – rescues food of excellent quality that can no longer be sold and distributes it to people affected by poverty. We support their work by regularly donating our products to various food banks throughout Germany. In addition, we also organise an annual team charity run to raise funds for them too.

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Supporting German food banks

Association of Austrian Food Banks

We also support local food banks via regular product donations in Austria. Around 1.5 million people there are at risk of poverty or directly affected by poverty, meaning that food banks are an important source of relief and support in their everyday lives.

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Association of Austrian Food Banks

Any questions?


Soon after Just Spices was created, our three founders embarked on an unforgettable world tour to learn more about the different spices that would later find a place in our mixes. The legacy of this trip lives on today as we source our spices from 55 different countries across the world using GFSI-certified suppliers* operating in accordance with European and German food protection law. This is how we ensure that all our blends are 100% natural and free of additives, and that they live up to our brand name: Just Spices.

* Global Food Safety Initiative, which promotes food safety for consumers.

We believe that good food is an essential part of a healthy and happy life. Therefore, we want to empower people to get creative in the kitchen and cook the food they love. Of course, we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to eat a balanced diet, so we’re committed to supporting social projects that assist people in need, like various food banks in Germany. Furthermore, in 2022 we donate 25% of the proceeds from our Pride Edition to MindOut, a mental health service run by and for the LGBTQ community. We are continually on the lookout for new campaigns and social projects that we can support with the proceeds from our sales, and always welcome suggestions for potential new partners.

Our products are subject to strict quality standards that are regularly reviewed. For example, all products are 100% natural, additive-free, GMO-free and non-irradiated. In addition, we conduct regular microbiological and chemical analyses to guarantee that they comply with all the relevant regulations regarding their ingredients.

Any more questions?

We’re always striving to improve. So, if something isn’t clear or if you’re concerned about something in particular, then just send us an email: sustainability@justspices.co.uk We’re grateful for your feedback and are pleased to have the chance to improve with your help.

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