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Do-It-Yourself Kits

Do it yourself gifts: With our Do it yourself Kits, you can give your loved ones handmade experiences or get creative yourself from home.

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  3. Meat 0 items
  4. Vegetables 0 items
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  8. Rice 0 items
  9. Tofu & plant-based alternatives 0 items
  10. Fruit 0 items
  11. Legumes 0 items
  12. Salad 0 items
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  1. Italian 1 item
  1. Gewürzmischung 0 items
  2. Reingewürz 0 items
  3. Fixprodukt 0 items
  4. Salat Dressing 0 items
  5. Sets 0 items
  6. Kochbuch 0 items
  7. Geschenkboxen 2 items
  8. Zubehör 0 items
  1. Dessert 0 items
  2. Breakfast 0 items
  3. Drinks 1 item
  4. Lunch 1 item
  5. Dinner 1 item
  6. Snacks 0 items
  1. Vegetarian 1 item
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  3. Low Carb 0 items
  4. Fitness 0 items
  5. Clean Eating 0 items
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    Homemade with love: Do it yourself gifts from the kitchen

    For birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or in between: With something homemade from our Do it yourself Kits, you can give your loved ones a homemade treat for any occasion. These little gifts from the kitchen are the perfect present for others or for yourself: Simple, creatively made and incredibly delicious! Viva la Pizza! With our Do it yourself Pizza Kit you have everything you need for a delicious, authentic pizza. Don't worry, instructions and lots of inspiration will help you to become a professional. 

    For chocolate lovers, the Do it yourself Chocolate Kit is just the thing. Make your chocolate dream come true and create your own fancy chocolate bar - perfect as a gift or for a sweet surprise. We also have the right Do it yourself gift idea for evening occasions: the Gin Kit. With the Gin Kit, you can try your hand at mixing gin to your own taste. Including instructions, inspiration and labels for labelling. Let the night beGIN!


    Do it yourself kits: Give from the heart

    There is no gift with as much love as a homemade gift. Give yourself a treat now and present your loved ones with homemade delicacies in the future or give the homemade experience as a gift. Order in just a few clicks and have the Do it yourself Kit delivered to your home. It's already looking forward to seeing you!