Spices & Seasonings for Light Snacks

Craving lighter snacks without sacrificing flavour? Explore our range of spice mixes and seasonings that guarantee taste in every bite!



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Discover the joy of lighter cooking

When it comes to enjoying a lighter diet, the misconception of having to endure bland meals is far from reality. Foods like fish, rice, lean meats, whole grains and vegetables are not only nutritious but also serve as the perfect canvas for culinary creativity. The key to transforming these healthy staples into mouth-watering dishes? A sprinkle of the right spice mix or seasoning.


Unleash flavour in every bite

Our carefully crafted spice mixes and seasonings are designed to enhance the natural flavours of your favourite light dishes without overshadowing them. Whether you’re grilling, pan-frying or roasting, our Salmon Seasoning will elevate your fish and seafood dishes, making them the highlight of any meal. And for those who prefer poultry, our Chicken Seasoning ensures your chicken dishes are anything but ordinary, infusing them with robust flavours that tantalise your taste buds.


Lighter low-carb options

Looking to diversify your diet with delicious low-carb recipes? Our range of seasonings offers endless possibilities. Our Vegetable Allrounder is a must-have for giving your veggies an irresistible flavour boost, whether they’re roasted, steamed or enjoyed raw. For lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, our Mediterranean Vegetable Allrounder will transport your taste buds to sunny shores, enhancing your lighter dishes with the vibrant tastes of the region.


Healthier pasta choices

Can’t imagine a world without pasta? Opt for wholemeal options and let our Pasta Allrounder or Italian Allrounder infuse your dishes with authentic Italian flavours. These blends are perfect for creating lighter versions of your favourite pasta recipes without compromising on taste.


Light snacks with a flavourful twist

For those sweltering days when only the lightest of snacks will do, our Tomato Mozzarella Seasoning is a game changer. Transform the classic Italian Caprese salad into a spiced-up delight that’s perfect on its own, with antipasti or as a side to a bigger meal. It’s a simple way to elevate your snacks and salads, proving that light eating can be both satisfying and delicious.


Shop premium spice mixes online

Gone are the days of monotonous light meals. With our premium spice mixes and seasonings, preparing light dishes that are easy, quick and bursting with flavour has never been simpler. Our online shop makes it effortless to stock up on your seasoning essentials, ensuring your kitchen is always ready to whip up flavourful light meals at a moment’s notice. And there’s free delivery on orders over £25!


Your partner in healthy, flavourful cooking

We believe that eating lighter doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. Our spice mixes and seasonings are designed to complement the natural taste of your ingredients, bringing out their best flavours. From the zesty kick of our Tomato Mozzarella Seasoning to the rich, aromatic blend of our Italian Allrounder, we’ve got everything you need to make your light meals exciting.

Embracing a lighter diet is an opportunity to explore the vast world of flavours and spices. With our selection of spice mixes and seasonings for light snacks and meals, you’re not just eating healthier; you’re enjoying tastier dishes that are simple to prepare. Check out our collection today and discover the difference the right spice mix can make in your everyday cooking.