Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes

Who said healthy eating had to be boring? With these creative and versatile recipes, you can enjoy a balanced diet that’s full of flavour!

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What does a balanced diet look like? 


The goal of a balanced diet is to provide our body with all the important nutrients it needs to keep you feeling your best. To achieve this, it’s crucial to get the right balance between the five different food groups: carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit and vegetables, and fats and sugars.

Of the five main groups, plant-based foods - nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables and grains  - should make up the largest proportion of your diet. You should try to eat five portions of these a day. 


Brilliant bowl ideas for balanced eating


A quick and easy way to create a well balanced meal is by building your own bowls, composed of varying amounts of the different food groups married together. Ideally, a well-balanced bowl should consist of a green base, a serving of vegetables, a source of protein, some starchy carbohydrates and a helping of unsaturated fats. If you want to start experimenting, try out our vegan chilli, rice noodle or avocado bowl. To add the perfect seasoning, just sprinkle on a few pinches of our Bowl Topping. 



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