Spices & Seasonings for Baking & Desserts

Cant get enough of delicious pastries and sweet desserts? Then allow our spice mixes for baking and desserts to bring your baked goods to the next level!



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Elevate your baking and desserts with Just Spices

Indulge in the sweetness of life with our bespoke collection of sweet spice blends. Whether you’re a fan of cakes, pancakes, porridge or any sweet dessert, our spice mixes for desserts are crafted to enhance your favourite recipes effortlessly.


Begin your day with a sweet touch

Kick-start your mornings with a sprinkle of our Coffee Kiss blend, the perfect addition to your morning coffee, cappuccino or latte. This sweet spice blend enriches the natural aromas of your coffee, turning it into a luxurious treat. Ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up, Coffee Kiss also works wonders in desserts like tiramisu, showcasing the versatility of our sweet warming spices.


Create sweet drinks like a barista

Transform your home into your favourite cafe with our easy-to-use spice blends. Our Pumpkin Pie Spice lets you enjoy the autumnal delight of a pumpkin spice latte without the cafe price tag. Comprising cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and allspice, this blend is all you need for that perfect home-made latte.


Spice up your sweet breakfast

Deciding on breakfast has never been easier. From vegan chocolate pancakes to fruity oatmeal and classic banana bread (cake can be breakfast too, right?), our sweet spice blends make your morning meal a highlight. Explore our porridge recipe collection for lots of porridge ideas, or dive into our pancake recipe collection for the best pancake recipes inspired by our spice mixes for desserts.


The convenience of Just Spices dessert blends

With Just Spices, preparing delectable sweet treats is quick and straightforward. Our Pancake Spice instantly sweetens pancakes, crêpes and waffles, while our Oatmeal Spice is perfect for any porridge lover. Our Apple Cinnamon Porridge Spice is a game changer for porridge, desserts and fruity puddings, and banana bread aficionados will adore our Banana Bread Seasoning. The ultimate baking companion, our Sweet Allrounder, is ideal for granola, breakfast bowls, cakes or pancakes, truly living up to its name as a versatile all-purpose sweet seasoning.


Discover our Sweet Set

Embrace the full spectrum of dessert and baking possibilities with our Sweet Set. This comprehensive set includes six meticulously selected spice blends, all made with natural ingredients and without refined sugar. Perfect for everything from breakfast treats to afternoon pastries, this set is a baker’s dream.


Order your sweet spice blends today

Ready to level up your baking and dessert game? Order our spices for baking and desserts online now and receive free delivery on orders over £25. With Just Spices, creating mouth-watering sweet dishes has never been simpler or more delightful.