Spices & Seasonings for Potatoes

Boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or fries? When it comes to this family favourite, we love potatoes however they come. You can find the right spice blends for potatoes here.



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Elevate your potato dishes with Just Spices seasonings

Potatoes, a staple in the UK diet, are beloved in countless forms: from classic boiled potatoes accompanied by meat and gravy to creamy mash, crispy roast potatoes and golden chips. But without the right touch of seasoning, potatoes might not live up to their full delicious potential. That’s where Just Spices steps in. Our array of potato seasonings and spice mixes is specially designed to transform any potato dish from mere sides to standout stars.


Transform chips with our special seasoning mix

Our Chips Seasoning is a culinary revelation, expertly crafted with a mix of fine sea salt, tomato, onion, paprika, pepper and nutmeg. This blend promises to elevate not just traditional chips but also sweet potato fries to gastronomic delights. For those seeking the secret to the crispiest chips, our blog offers a quick guide with five essential tips for achieving that sought-after crunch. Our seasoning ensures every bite is a flavourful journey.


Master the art of roast potatoes

Roast potatoes are a staple, but our Roast Potato Seasoning mix introduces a curry-inspired twist that’ll make your spuds the talk of the town. Infused with paprika, cumin, chilli and turmeric, it’s designed to enhance your potatoes with a warm, complex flavour. Ideal for both roasting and as a finishing spice, it also complements potato wedges beautifully, adding a new dimension to a beloved classic.


Discover the versatility of the Potato Allrounder

The Potato Allrounder, featuring 17 spices and herbs, is your secret weapon for over 100 potato dishes. Its unparalleled versatility makes it a delicious essential for not only potatoes but other vegetables, transforming everyday cooking into an exciting culinary adventure. This blend demonstrates the power of spices in unlocking the full potential of simple ingredients.


Elevate your dips and sides

Dips can elevate any potato dish, and our Herb Dip Seasoning mixed with yoghurt or cream cheese creates a quick, flavourful side that beats traditional mayo hands down. For those who fancy a bit of spice, our Curry Madras seasoning is ideal, especially paired with potato wedges. Our recipe for wedges with curry dip has all the details here.


Warm up with our Winter Warmer Set

As temperatures drop, potatoes become an even more cherished comfort food. Our Winter Warmer Set is curated to enrich your cold-weather cooking, providing spice blends that perfectly accompany soups, casseroles, and even desserts. These seasonings are your companions through the chill, promising warmth and flavour in every dish.

Why settle for ordinary when you can enjoy extraordinary? Shop online at Just Spices for the finest potato seasonings and spice blends. With free delivery on orders over £25, these delicious spice mixes and seasonings will transform your potato dishes into culinary masterpieces. Explore our vast collection of potato recipes, catering to all preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options. From chips aficionados to mashed potato connoisseurs, discover your next favourite dish with us. Elevate your potatoes with Just Spices and make every meal an occasion to remember.