• Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning -  - Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning -  - Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning -  - Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Just Spices - Roast Potato Seasoning -  - Roast Potato Seasoning
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    Roast Potato Seasoning

    Sublime spice mix for roasties!

    98% of 100
    • Spice up roast spuds for delicious results
    • Delivers a crispy, golden finish
    • Use with chips, wedges, sautés & sweet potatoes too
    Standard 72g
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    Raise your roast potato game!

    At long last, here’s the seasoning you need for perfectly crispy, golden roast potatoes in a single pot. With our sublime spice mix, yours will never disappoint again!

    Best ingredients.
    For the best taste.

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    Seasoning for roast potatoes:
    Sea salt, Ground fenugreek, Ground coriander, Garlic, Ground paprika, Grated onion, Smoked salt, Ground nutmeg, Ground turmeric, Ground fennel seed, Ground cumin, Ground chilli, Ground black pepper, Ground clove

    Allergen advice: May also contain cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, almonds, mustard, celery, sesame seeds and peanuts
    Store cool and dry.

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    We always strive to improve our products based on your feedback. Therefore, our ingredients and associated list of ingredients may from time to time be subject to minor changes. You can read the latest information on the respective product packaging.

    The consistency and colour of the natural ingredients in our products may vary slightly depending on the temperature and growing conditions. Although their appearance may change slightly, this does not affect the quality of the products.

    nutritional values
    939 kJ/224 kcal
    7.0 g
    of which saturates
    1.9 g
    26 g
    of which sugars
    17 g
    10 g
    9.0 g
    39.3 g
    Roast Potato Seasoning

    4.9 out of 5 stars:
    User reviews.

    16 reviews in total
    Review Review Review

    Mareike at 21/03/2024

    Mareike Lovely on roast potatoes, hash browns, even chips.

    Michele at 12/01/2024

    Michele Really enhances the flavours and saves you buying a range of different pots to make your own blends

    Brian at 12/01/2024

    Brian Superb

    Ailisha at 12/01/2024

    Ailisha So amazing that I've had to make roast potatoes every day

    You have questions? We have answers!

    Golden brown, crispy and juicy: there’s no beating good old-fashioned roast potatoes. Now with our seasoning for roast potatoes, you can make this popular side dish even tastier. Our Roast Potato Seasoning brings out the best in your potatoes with intense spices reminiscent of curry, such as fenugreek seeds, coriander and paprika powder. Also, garlic, onions and smoked salt ensure the perfect taste experience. Whether for your Sunday roast or just as a tasty snack or side, roast potatoes are always a good choice, and so is our Roast Potato Seasoning!

    No. Although our Roast Potato Seasoning has been specifically designed to perfectly spice up roast potatoes, this spice mix goes just as well with other crispy potato dishes such as chips or potato wedges. Vegetables including carrots, parsnips or celeriac can also be much improved with our Roast Potato Seasoning. It really comes into its own when used with baked vegetables, allowing the flavours of this delicious spice blend to shine. Show us your ideas on social or be inspired by our community!

    Use 1.5 teaspoons of the Roast Potato Seasoning for 1 kg of potatoes. Mix the Roast Potato Seasoning with a little oil and add it to your roast potatoes towards the end. Hot tip: Don’t add the spice mix to the pan at the beginning, as the spices burn quickly at high heat and lose their flavour. You can also use our Roast Potato Seasoning as a topping on chips. We promise, once you’ve tried our seasoning for potatoes, you’ll never eat them without it again!

    Our spice mixtures, toppings and seasonings are packaged so that they’re impermeable to light and air. That means they stay fresher for longer whilst retaining their intense flavour. However, it’s important that you store the pots in a cool and dry place. You’ll find the best-before date printed on the bottom of the pot. Our Roast Potato Seasoning has a shelf life of 30 months from production, but we’re sure it won't take that long before you need your next one!

    Yes. We are passionate about natural products, which is why our Roast Potato Seasoning is made from only natural ingredients, without the use of flavour enhancers, and is completely vegan.

    Yes. None of the ingredients in our spice mixes are derived from animal products. However, cross-contamination cannot be completely ruled out during production, so traces of egg or milk may be present.

    Yes. Our Roast Potato Seasoning is gluten-free and nut-free – so that as many people as possible can enjoy our spice mixes. Unfortunately, cross-contamination cannot be ruled out entirely during production, so there may be traces of cereals containing gluten, egg, milk, almonds, mustard, celery, sesame seeds or peanuts.

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