Spices & Seasonings for Pasta

Love Italian pasta dishes? Our spice blends for pasta will help you make mouth-watering pasta dishes at home!



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Spices for pasta

Tasty, versatile and quick to prepare, pasta is one of those dishes that we could enjoy every day. But to make sure that boredom doesn’t set in, you’ll need the right seasonings and spice mixes for pasta to give your pasta dishes the flavour they deserve. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! With our range of pasta spice blends and seasoning mixes, there’s something for every kind of pasta, however you want to serve it. Whatever combination you’ve got your heart set on, we’ve got the right spices for your pasta and pasta sauce – like our Pasta Allrounder, Aglio e Olio Seasoning, Carbonara Seasoning, Bolognese Seasoning, Lasagne Allrounder or Italian Allrounder. Plus, if you need some inspiration, there’s always our pasta recipe collection you can use for ideas too!


Pasta spice blends from Just Spices

Want something quick and convenient? Then look no further than pasta! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just cook your pasta, choose the right sauce and – hey presto – you’ve got yourself a delicious lunch or dinner in next to no time. Luckily, we have several delicious spice blends for pasta that will make all your pasta dishes taste just perfect. Love a good old-fashioned lasagne? Then check out our Lasagne Allrounder! Crazy about carbonara? Then we’ve got a Carbonara Seasoning just for you! Potty about pesto? Then you need our Red Pesto Mix or Green Pesto Mix in your life! The list of tasty pasta spices in our collection goes on and on, including everything from Mediterranean Vegetable Seasoning for meat-free dishes to Aglio e Olio Seasoning for some classic Italian flavour. 


The seasoning mix for all kinds of pasta

Our Pasta Allrounder is the star among pasta seasonings and can help you prepare hundreds of pasta sauces. Alternatively, it works great as a topping for you to sprinkle on top of your pasta or leftovers too. It features 19 different aromatic herbs and spices that will guarantee your dishes authentic Italian flavour in just a few moments. This spice mix for pasta and pasta sauces is a huge hit in any kitchen and will remind you of happy days spent on holiday living la vita bella. We can almost feel the sea breeze from here!


Make Italian bolognese at home

Naturally, we’ve also dedicated a spice blend to the queen of pasta sauces! Our Bolognese Seasoning contains all the ingredients you need for a perfect home-made bolognese sauce. The best part? There’s no more need to shop around for dozens of different herbs and spices! With our all-natural spice mix for this beloved pasta sauce, you have everything you need to make yours sing with flavour every time. Just add a few pinches to your bolognese sauce, leave it to simmer and wait for the delicious-tasting results


Oh Italian Allrounder – the Ferrari among our pasta spices

Once you’ve tried our Italian Allrounder, there’s no going back. Put simply, it’s the Ferrari of pasta spice blends! However, it also works just as well with other Italian dishes too. We’ve combined basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage to provide a typically Italian touch. Meanwhile, Tellicherry pepper, garlic and tomato round off the whole thing with some wonderful aromas. Whether you’re making a salad, lasagne, cream sauce, bruschetta or colourful oven-roasted vegetables, you’ll enjoy delicious dishes that are reminiscent of your favourite Italian restaurant. 


Buy the best pasta spice blends online

So what are you waiting for? Get your favourite spices and spice blends for pasta dishes via the Just Spices online shop now. Add them to your basket in a few clicks, and before long they’ll be helping you spice up all kinds of pasta dishes at home.