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You’d fit in well with us if ...

You’re true to yourself, you put your heart and soul into what you do,
and the Just Spices core values resonate with you.


Entrepreneurial spirit












  • A group of friends, not just colleagues

    Fun social events, sociable coffee breaks, our own Cologne Carnival group and theme days.
  • Flat hierarchies and a friendly atmosphere

    Trust, honesty and fun come first.
  • No one goes thirsty!

    From coffee and sparkling rhubarb sodas to beer o’clock
  • And no one goes hungry either

    Fresh fruit, muesli and nuts always available, ready to nibble on.
  • Mentorships

    We’ll guide you through your first few weeks and months to make sure you feel right at home.
  • No dress code

    Dress however you feel most comfortable!
  • New Work

    We work in an agile way, we value your work–life balance and we promote flexible working hours.
  • Business library & career development

    Hungry for more? Develop your skills and grow with us.
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Join us on this journey and embrace the Just Spice core values with us. Become part of our family.

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Become part of our family!


All of our current vacancies are posted on our career portal. Start your application by clicking on the “Apply now” button. To apply, we require the following documents from you: CV (PDF), all relevant certificates (PDF), cover letter and/or responses to specific questions (if applicable) and samples of your work (if applicable). We can only consider applications submitted via our career portal and not via email – but this is also the quickest and easiest way for you too ;)

There’s no need to address us as “Dear Sir or Madam” – the culture at Just Spices isn’t formal, so you don’t need to be formal in your application either. Rather than trotting out all those boring standard lines, we’d love it if you could simply tell us from the heart why you think you’re right for the job and why our Just Spices team needs you. Let your creativity run free – we love seeing well-thought-through applications. And we’re really excited to see what you come up with! :)

As we have a hybrid office and work-from-home set-up, our current application process is digital. As soon as we receive your application, we’ll review it carefully with each relevant department. If your application has the spice we’re looking for, you’ll progress to the next stage of the recruitment process. Each application is tailored to the individual vacancy, but may include stages such as a case study or trial piece of work, as well as a video call for us to get to know each other. If you get through all the first rounds, our Just Spices Speed Dating awaits :) Speed dating, really?! Absolutely! You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of our spice buddies and find out for yourself whether you’d be comfortable with us, while we get to see whether you’d be a good fit for our team. We’ll listen to feedback from all sides, and if we think we’re a good match, we’d be delighted to have a new spice buddy on board!

No, we don’t have a set dress code. We come to work in the clothes we feel comfortable in – and you can do the same for your interview!

To be eligible for an internship with us, you need to be enrolled in a degree programme. Internships can be voluntary, related to your studies or a compulsory internship. How long does an internship last? As a rule, interns stay with us for 3 months, except for those doing a compulsory internship, where the duration is stipulated by the university.

Interns who give their all during their internship have the chance to obtain a working-student position. These are not usually advertised and can only be obtained after completing an internship. It’s a win–win situation for everyone! If a suitable permanent position becomes available during your internship, then there may also be an opportunity to become a permanent member of our team.

We have flexible, trust-based working hours and do our best to ensure people don’t work themselves into the ground. There are definitely some weeks that are more stressful than others. But as a start-up, everyone helps each other out when the going gets tough. Generally though, we focus on ensuring you can catch your breath and have a chance to rest.

We’re more than just colleagues here! We help each other out and for us, it’s much more than just work. Our communication is open, honest and direct – just like a family :) Does that mean our discussions are more intense? Yes, absolutely. But it’s also part and parcel of a good friendship, being able to say if you have a problem with something and standing by your opinion. But the most important thing for us is being open-minded and working together to find a solution that works for everyone. #crewloveistruelove

From your very first day, we’ll set you off on your start-up adventure, making sure you’re both connected and integrated into our team. How, you might ask? Well, during your Welcome Day, you’ll get to know both our company values and the way we work, as well as hearing first-hand the story of how Just Spices was founded! We’ll also set you up with an experienced spice buddy from our mentoring programme. Each department has its own step-by-step on-the-job training, and although sometimes it might feel like you’re being thrown in at the deep end, don’t worry, we’ll be right there with you! ;)

Every Tuesday morning, we get together to make toast, put on the coffee and have breakfast together. Those of us who are working from home can join us digitally. But it’s an opportunity to come together and let each other know how we’re doing, exchange ideas and spend some time together. And just because we work hard, it doesn’t mean we can’t play hard too. We have four social events a year where we celebrate our shared successes, while our annual team trip has become something of a legend! And if dressing up once a year for carnival isn’t enough for you, well, we feel exactly the same way. Which is why we have a few themed days sprinkled throughout the year – from the Wild, Wild West to Just Anatomy, we’ve had everything!

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