Spices & Seasonings for Meat & Fish

We offer a variety of delicious spice blends and seasoning mixes that will transform your meat dishes and fish recipes into a taste sensation.



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Spicing up your meat dishes: A guide to perfect flavours

Whether meat is a staple in your diet, you’re gearing up for a Sunday roast or you occasionally indulge in a succulent steak, mastering the art of seasoning for meat can elevate your meat dishes from good to gourmet. For every type of meat – be it steak, chicken thighs, minced meat or a hearty chilli con carne – our specially crafted spice mixes for meat are designed to simplify your cooking. Our versatile seasoning mixes for meat ensure you’re always equipped with the perfect blend to balance and enhance flavours, making every meal a culinary delight.


Elevate any meat with expert seasoning

Wondering how chefs achieve that perfect flavour balance in their meat dishes? While some meats sing with just a hint of seasoning, others demand a bold blend of spices. The key is to match the seasoning to the meat type and your personal taste preferences. Our Meat Allrounder spice mix is your culinary secret weapon, ideal for chicken, beef, pork or lamb. Made with onions, tomatoes, paprika and a touch of smoky chillies, this spice blend promises to envelop your dishes in a rich, smoky aroma, with brown mustard seeds adding a hint of spice, and ground ginger ensuring your meat stays tender and juicy.


Mastering chicken seasoning

Chicken’s versatility is unmatched, from roast dinners to wings and breasts. However, this variety poses its own seasoning challenges. Our Chicken Seasoning mix transforms poultry with a lightly spicy rub, offering a crispy crust and robust flavour without the need for heavy breading or sauces. For a touch of the exotic, try our Chicken Curry Seasoning. A vibrant spice mix of garlic, paprika, turmeric and more, it turns simple poultry into a dish worthy of the spotlight, with roasted sesame seeds adding a final crunchy twist.


Mince seasoning made easy

For lovers of meatballs, mince sauces and burgers, finding the right seasoning can be tricky. Say goodbye to bland or overly salty dishes with our Ground Meat Seasoning. This versatile blend is your go-to for adding depth to a range of dishes, from bolognese to meatballs and spaghetti. And for the burger enthusiasts, our Burger Seasoning is a game-changer, offering the perfect mix of onions, mustard, garlic and smoky chilli chipotle for seasoning minced meat, enhancing burger sauces or spicing up plant-based options. To spice up meatballs, you need our Meatball Seasoning – the best spice mix out there for deliciously seasoned meatballs.

Our spice blends and seasoning mixes for meat are all about making your cooking experience easier and more flavourful. With our versatile meat seasonings, you can effortlessly transform any meat dish into a masterpiece. So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, let our meat spice blends inspire your next culinary creation.


The art of seasoning fish

Venturing beyond meat, our Fish Allrounder and Salmon Seasoning blends are your allies in the kitchen when you want spices for fish. These dedicated fish spice mixes bring out the best in seafood, whether you’re preparing a delicate salmon fillet, garlicky prawns or a hearty fish stew. The Fish Allrounder offers a universal solution to seasoning all types of seafood, providing a light, balanced flavour. Meanwhile, our Salmon Seasoning is tailored to complement the rich taste of salmon, adding depth and a hint of spice that turns a simple dish into a gourmet experience. With these fish spice blends, seasoning fish is as effortless and rewarding as mastering meat dishes.

With our comprehensive range of spice blends and seasoning mixes for meat and fish, you’re well equipped to explore a world of flavours. Cooking becomes not just easier, but a truly flavourful adventure.