Sunday Brunch recipes

Sunday Brunch recipes


From sweet, fluffy pancakes to savoury eggs Benedict, here are our favourite Sunday brunch recipes!

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Celebrate Sundays with a delightful brunch

Sundays in the UK are for enjoying a leisurely brunch, a meal that combines the best of breakfast and lunch. Our collection offers a mix of sweet and savoury options, easy and healthy choices, and includes special recipes perfect for Mother’s Day.


Savoury selections for a hearty brunch

Kick off your Sunday with our savoury brunch dishes. Classics like eggs Benedict, enhanced with our Egg Topping, sit alongside a variety of egg recipes. Don’t overlook our menemen scrambled eggs or this hearty breakfast bowl, each bringing rich flavours to your brunch table.


Sweet starts: Waffles, pancakes and more

For those who prefer starting with something sweet, our recipes for waffles and pancakes are sure to please. Our new fave are these blueberry pancakes made with buttermilk for a delicious tang. How about a slice of classic banana bread? Try our porridge variations in cooler months, or opt for a lighter start with an acai bowl or a rainbow fruit plate. Customise each dish with toppings of your choice and our porridge spice blends for added flavour.


Healthy brunch options for a fresh start

Our healthy brunch options cater to those looking for nutritious yet delicious choices. Dishes like acai bowls and rainbow fruit plates are packed with vitamins, while our simple porridge recipes offer a filling and wholesome start to the day.


Easy brunch ideas for a lazy Sunday

Simplify your Sunday with our easy brunch ideas. Quick-to-prepare dishes such as simple scrambled egg recipes seasoned with Scrambled Egg Seasoning and smoked salmon carpaccio ensure you enjoy more of your morning. Butter a whole load of sourdough slices and top with Sandwich Seasoning


Mother’s Day brunch ideas

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a brunch that shows how much you care. Recipes like eggs Benedict with a dash of Egg Topping or Avocado Topping can make the day special and memorable.


Perfect brunch coffees: Latte magic with Coffee Kiss

Elevate your Sunday brunch with our selection of coffee recipes, each enhanced with the unique flavours of our Coffee Kiss spice blend. From classic lattes to more inventive coffee creations, these beverages are the perfect complement to both sweet and savoury brunch dishes. Whether you’re a fan of a frothy cappuccino or prefer a rich, flavoured latte, our Coffee Kiss blend with cocoa, cinnamon and almond adds a special twist, making your coffee as memorable as your meal.


Mastering the art of brunch: Tips and tricks

Make your Sunday brunch outstanding with a few key tips. Plan a mix of sweet and savoury dishes and use our various toppings and seasoning mixes to enhance flavours. Presentation also plays a crucial role in making your brunch visually appealing, so plate up carefully and add a beautiful vase of flowers to the table.


Your ultimate guide to Sunday brunch

Our Sunday brunch recipe collection is here to enhance your weekend meals. From savoury to sweet, including special recipes for Mother’s Day, and easy, healthy options, we’ve got you covered. Let our range of spice mixes and seasoning blends add that special touch to your dishes, turning your brunch into an occasion to remember. Share your creations and enjoy the tradition of a beautifully prepared brunch.

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