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Chopped salads: Your ultimate guide

Salads are a favourite among health-conscious eaters, and the chopped salad is a standout for its flavour and convenience. Here, you’ll learn how to prepare a vibrant, nutritious chicken chopped salad, perfect for busy days or when you crave something light yet filling. Embrace the viral trend of chopping everything together for a harmonious mix of flavours in every bite.

Ingredients for a chopped salad

Ingredients list

Gather the following to create your chicken chopped salad:

✔ Leafy greens: Mix of cos and iceberg lettuce for crunch

✔ Protein: Chicken breast, diced

✔ Vegetables: Cucumbers, peppers, cherry tomatoes and red onions

✔ Dressing: Your favourite yoghurt dressing, vinaigrette or a simple olive oil and lemon juice mixture


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Kitchen tools

Make sure to have:

✔ A large chopping board

✔ A sharp chef’s knife

✔ A salad spinner (for drying the lettuce)

✔ A large mixing bowl (for tossing the salad)



Preparing your ingredients

Washing and drying lettuce

Ensure your lettuce is clean and free from any dirt. Use a salad spinner to dry the leaves thoroughly, as moisture can water down your dressing and make things taste soggy.

Preparing the protein

Unless you’re using pre-cooked protein, marinate the chicken first, then quickly pan-fry.

Chopping the ingredients

One of the appeals of the viral chopped salad is the technique of chopping all ingredients together. Place all your vegetables and cooked chicken on the board and chop them into small, even pieces using a sharp knife. This method not only saves time but also allows the flavours to mingle beautifully.


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Garnishing your chopped salad

Adding the final sprinkle

Whether you choose Avocado Topping, Original Salad Topping or a simple mix of toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds, nothing beats the added crunch your salad topping brings. 

Top tip! Leave the pots of topping on the table to let everyone garnish their own salads!

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Customising your chopped salad

Feel free to experiment with different proteins, like hard-boiled eggs, tofu, salmon or prawns, and add other vegetables according to what’s in season or your dietary preferences. Extras like avocado slices, crumbled feta or toasted nuts can add delicious texture and flavour.


Chopped salads are such a perfect food. They are quick to prepare and packed with nutrients, making them an ideal choice for a healthy, fuss-free meal. Try out different variations and share your favourite combinations on social media to join the chopped salad trend!