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Boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or fries? When it comes to the versatile tuber, we can never decide. You can find the right spice blends for potatoes here.

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    Spices for all kinds of potato dishes

    Let's be honest: we love potatoes. Whether freshly cooked boiled potatoes with meat and gravy, wonderfully creamy mashed potatoes or crispy fries. Potato dishes are always a dream. If you ask us, we can simply enjoy the versatile tuber every day. Fresh fried potatoes are particularly popular, but sweet potatoes are also attracting more and more attention and are crunchy alongside conventional potato delicacies.


    With these potato spices you'll have a happy crunch

    No more dreary chips, we promise you that! If you sometimes have the feeling that your chips are missing something and you want to turn crispy potato sticks into deluxe soul food in no time at all, we have just the right spice blends for you here: Our Chips Seasoning with fine sea salt, tomato, onion, paprika, pepper and nutmeg enchants any fries and even turns sweet potato fries into a highlight.

    From crispy to even more crispy: Our roast potatoes need a lot of seasoning! Simply season your potatoes with our Roast Potato Seasoning in the pan or on the plate and enjoy your crispy potato delicacies. 


    True all-rounders: from potatoes to spices

    Not only potatoes are true all-rounders: Our Potato Allrounder is the genius among potato spices. With one step you can prepare more than 100 different dishes: from chips to puree, the Potato Allrounder will never let you down and also provides flavour highlights for baked potatoes and other vegetables. 17 different spices made it into our yellow jar. The goal: to make all your potato creations even tastier.


    Buy spice blends for potatoes quickly online

    What are you waiting for? Get your favourite spices and spice blends for really good potato creations online now. Just a few clicks bring you potato happiness and ensure that your spices quickly refine the kitchen at home just a few days later.