How to season avocado

Seasoning Basics

How to season avocado

Avocado, the buttery, green power fruit, has become an absolute favourite food of many health-conscious people in recent years. And for good reason! Avocados are not only incredibly delicious but also really good for us. They are full of good fats, vitamins and minerals. The creamy texture and the mild taste of the avocado can be wonderfully combined with all kinds of seasonings and flavours. In this blog article, we will show you which herbs and spices go particularly well with avocado, as well as all the tips and tricks you need to make this green powerhouse a real taste sensation!


Which herbs and spices go well with avocado?

Let's take a look at a selection of herbs and spices that go wonderfully with avocado. The natural creaminess and the mild taste of avocado harmonise with many different flavours. Here are our favourites:


Avocado Topping:

Our popular Avocado Topping is the perfect complement to the avocado. A combination of tomato flakes, pyramid salt, Tellicherry pepper, pink peppercorns and black sesame seeds gives your avocado dish a hint of spiciness and a whole world of flavour. Whether it's avocado toast, creamy avocado dip or a delicious salmon and avocado bagel, a pinch of Avocado Topping gives all of your avocado recipes a crunchy, tasty finish.


Garlic Pepper:

Our delicious blend of garlic and pepper is perfect for many types of dishes, including pasta, fish and meat. On avocado, its pungent aromatic flavour complements the creaminess of the avo wonderfully.


Salt and pepper:

These two classics are probably the easiest way to season your avocado. With a pinch of salt and black pepper, you give the avocado a subtle spiciness.


Chilli flakes:

A little pinch of chilli flakes gives your avocado a kick, ensuring a subtle heat. Don't overdo it here – it's very easy to go overboard and create an all-too-fiery surprise! But if you like it hot, hot, hot, try our Extra Spicy Seasoning – if you can handle it!



If you want to add a touch of depth and spice to avocado, cumin, a spice that is used in many Latin American dishes, is a great option. Again, you should be careful with the amount you use, because the taste of cumin can be very intense and might dominate your dish. Less is more!


Herb Dip Seasoning:

For a delicious herby seasoning, especially in winter when fresh herbs are harder to come by, a sprinkle of our Herb Dip spice blend is an excellent addition to your avo arsenal. The aromas of the basil, parsley and chives elevate the mildness of the avocado beautifully.


Sandwich Seasoning:

Sandwich fans, listen up! With our popular Sandwich Seasoning, you elevate your avocado sarnies with a pinch of umami flavours and herby notes. In addition to fleur de sel, red pepper and black cumin, this mix has of a blend of leek, chive and tomato flakes. Not only does this mix look visually appealing but it also tastes magnificent.

Sensational spice blends for avocado


How to prepare avocado

Now that you know which spices harmonise perfectly with avocado, we will show you how to prepare this green goddess and introduce you to our favourite avocado recipes. To prepare your avocado quickly and easily, grab the following ingredients:


1 ripe avocado


2–3 pinches of Avocado Topping


Juice of half a lemon


Optional: A pinch of chilli flakes



Cut around the avocado lengthwise, remove the stone and gently spoon out the flesh. Cut the avocado into cubes or thin slices – it’s up to you.


Drizzle with lemon juice to give it a burst of freshness and to prevent the avocado from turning brown.


Sprinkle the Avocado Topping and the optional pinch of chilli flakes over the avocado, and that’s it!

Get the most out of this green superfood with our favourite avocado recipes. Try this hearty avocado bowl with beans and salad, a beautiful salmon carpaccio with avocado and oranges, a refreshing avocado mango salad or our fave creamy avocado hummus.

Seasoning avocado is not all that difficult once you know the perfect herbs and spices to use. Thanks to our spice mixes and blends, you will never go wrong! Find more avocado recipes in our avocado recipe collection – have fun trying them out!