Asian Recipes

Asian Recipes

Are you as in love with Asian and Oriental recipes as we are? The special spices of Indian cuisine and the spicy sauces in Chinese dishes surprise us every time! 

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Dive into easy Oriental recipes with our spice mixes

Embarking on the journey to mastering Asian cuisine is now within your reach, thanks to our collection of delicious recipes. From the tangy delight of sweet-and-sour pork to the homely comfort of egg-fried noodles, our array of easy Oriental recipes serves as a perfect introduction to the diverse world of Asian and Oriental cuisine. With our Thai, Indian and Chinese Allrounder, along with Curry Madras and Tikka Masala blends, authentic flavours are just a pinch away.


Master the art of stir-fry

The essence of Asian cooking lies in the art of stir-frying, a quick path to meals bursting with flavours and nutrients. Our recipes for beef stir-fry and chicken and vegetable stir-fry demonstrate how a mix of fresh ingredients and vibrant spices can create utterly delicious dishes. The Chinese Allrounder infuses these stir-fries with wonderful flavours that transport your taste buds straight to Asia. For more information on Chinese cooking, you can read our blog post where we detail everything you need to know about this wonderful cuisine.


The secret to perfect rice dishes

Rice is a staple in Asian meals, and our Rice Allrounder seasoning ensures every grain shines in dishes like vegetable fried rice. This blend enhances the mild flavours of rice, making it a perfect companion for any Asian dish, turning simple meals into memorable experiences.


Vegan and vegetarian Asian and Oriental recipes

Asian cuisine offers a plethora of vegan and vegetarian options. Our vegan Thai soup and this báhn mì are shining examples of how our spice blends can transform plant-based ingredients into a feast for the senses. It showcases the diverse flavours and textures that make Oriental cuisine so appealing.


Explore authentic curry recipes

Curries are a cornerstone of Asian cuisine, rich in flavours and aromas. Our Curry Madras and Tikka Masala curry powders bring the authentic taste of their namesakes into your home, making it easy to enjoy these complex and hearty dishes any day of the week.


With our recipes and specially designed spice blends, delving into Asian and Oriental cooking is both simple and rewarding. Whether you’re a novice or a culinary enthusiast, our collection invites you to explore the exciting spices and traditions of Asian cuisine. Let our easy-to-follow recipes and quality spice mixes be your guide to creating delicious, authentic meals that everyone will love.

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