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You love Italian pasta dishes just like we do? Discover our spice blends for pasta and make the most delicious pasta recipes at home.

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Spices for your pasta & amore for you

Forget Christmas, Easter or your birthday. The best day of the year is October 25th - World Pasta Day! If you ask us, we could just enjoy our beloved pasta every day. Whether hearty Spaghetti Bolognese, a summery pasta salad or simply with homemade pesto: give us pasta and we are happy. The Italians are unbeaten when it comes to preparation, but that doesn't mean that we have to forego the ultimate pasta treat! For this, our three founders Florian, Ole and Béla have travelled all over the world: However, they not only tried the best Italian pasta, but also brought the right spices directly to us in the kitchen. The illustrations on the cans tell you a little about the story behind each spice, because of course the three boys made an incredible number of acquaintances on their journey and secured the best recipes and spices. Behind every illustration there is a real person, their unique personality but also their kitchen and culinary art.


With these pasta spices you will make yourself happy

When it has to be quick, pasta is your best friend! Cook pasta, choose the right sauce and you have a delicious lunch or dinner. Luckily, we have four delicious spice blends that will make all your pasta dreams come true. Whether you love a classic and hearty Bolognese or prefer a Mediterranean vegetable pasta: Our Bolognese Seasoning and Mediterranean Vegetable Allrounder stand by your side. 


Rock your pasta! This spice mixes up every noodle

Our Pasta Allrounder is the genius among pasta spices. With the turn of a spoon you can conjure up more than 100 different sauce creations - or simply use them as a topping. 19 different Mediterranean and aromatic spices have made it into the red can to prepare your pasta dishes for a plate-ready appearance! This mix takes you straight to sunny Italy, we can almost feel the sea breeze.


Make Italian Bolognese at home

Spaghetti Bologneeeese. Just hearing it makes our mouths water! Everyone cooks the classic from Bologna in a different way, but everyone loves it. So there's no question that we've dedicated a spice blend to the queen of pasta sauces! Our Bolognese Seasoning contains all the ingredients you need for a perfect bolognese. Now all you have to do is let it simmer for a long time, because the better it gets!


Oh Italian Allrounder, we are farfalle for you!

Once you've tried it, you simply can't do an Italian dish without it: our Italian Allrounder. It is the Ferrari among pasta spice blends and flatters your pasta like a love song by Eros Ramazzotti. Basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage provide the typical Italian touch. Tellicherry pepper, garlic and tomato round off the whole thing with a good aroma. Whether pasta salad, lasagne, cream sauce or colorful vegetables - you can taste your next holiday in Italy with every bite!


Buy the best pasta spice blends quickly online

What are you waiting for? Get your favourite spices and spice blends for pasta dishes just like from Italy online now. In just a few clicks in the shopping cart, a few days later at home.