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Attention meat fans: Here you will get your money's worth and will find a variety of delicious spice blends that will turn your lust for meat into a spicy adventure.

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Just Spices Spice Blends for Meat

It doesn’t matter whether meat is on your daily menu, you celebrate a Sunday roast with your loved ones or treat yourself to a juicy steak from time to time: if you can season meat properly, you’ve got it culinary. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious steak, chicken thighs, minced meat or chili con carne, we have created these spices and spice blends for meat to make cooking and seasoning meat even easier for you. Our spices for meat leave nothing to be desired and ensure that you always have a perfect balanced spice blend at hand.  


Season Meat Like the Pros: Your Perfect Basic Equipment

Have you ever asked yourself how to get the perfect seasoning for your meat? While some pieces of meat require next to no spices, others have to be wrapped in a spicy coat. Ultimately, it always depends on the type of meat and your personal taste, how and with which spices or spice blends you should season your meat. Luckily, our Meat Allrounder is an absolute all-purpose weapon when it comes to meat. Chicken, beef, pork or lamb? Thanks to our spice blend made with onions, tomatoes and paprika that’s no longer a problem! Every dish is coated in a smoky, strong aroma, while the brown mustard seed and some chilies make it slightly spicy. Our spicy secret? Ground ginger. This ensures that your meat is tender and juicy. That's what we call a productive "meating"!


How to Season Chicken Properly

Chicken meat is incredibly diverse: Roast chicken, chicken wings or chicken breast are just a few examples. And when it comes to seasoning chicken properly, the diversity will also present us with a small spicy challenge. Our Chicken Seasoning gives the poultry a spicy rub and a crispy crust with a good aroma. Use as a dry or wet marinade, add directly to the pan, or use as a topping to flavour your chicken dish. Say “goodbye” to thick breading or fatty sauce, because chicken never tasted so good and natural!

Do you like it bright yellow and a little spicy? Then it's best to take our Chicken Curry Seasoning! This exotic mix of garlic, paprika, turmeric, ginger, white pepper, cumin powder, fennel, oregano and chilli chipotle turns your poultry into a Bollywood star and is ideal for creamy curries and chicken and rice pans. In addition, roasted sesame seeds ensure a spicy and crunchy chicken treat! 

So, if you’ve ever asked yourself how you can finally season chicken in the right way, these two spice blends are your final answer. The best: You do not have to use a lot of different individual spices, everything you need comes in one can


Seasoning Ground Meat: Child’s Play with the Right Mixture

We love meatballs, meatloaf and delicious patties! The only challenge: the right seasoning for ground meat! If you’re tired of bland meatballs and oversalted patties, our Ground Meat Seasoning will be the answer to all your worries. With just one spice blend you can finally season hundreds of different dishes, from yummy Bolognese to a Sunday’s meatloaf with your family and friends. 

Burger-lover will also get their money’s worth: Our Burger Seasoning is made for classic, cheesy or vegetarian burger patties. Onions, mustard and garlic provide the ingenious basic seasoning, while chilli chipotle provides the typical smoky aromas. With this spice blend you can season minced meat, pimp your burger sauce or give your plant-based patties a spicy topping.