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Vegetables are boring? Not with us! Our spices & spice blends for vegetables spices up your vegetables.

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Spices and Spice Blends for Vegetables

Do you find it difficult to find the right seasoning for vegetables? With our spices and spice blends for vegetables this belongs to the past. Our perfectly matched spice blends will make broccoli, spinach & Co. the number 1 on your plate. 

Whether you like your veggies raw, steamed, fried, boiled, as a puree, in a tart, quiche or casserole: We have the right seasoning for you to finally enjoy all these veggies even more! 

Our Vegetable Allrounder simply refines any vegetable within a second: Simply put the spice blend in your pan, in the pot or over the finished vegetables and enjoy. Couldn't everything in life be that simple? Thanks to the perfect blend of sea salt, pepper, garlic, onion, paprika and some chili, you'll never want to eat vegetables any other way.


Enjoy Delicious Leftovers with Just Spices Vegetable Spices

Whether it's raclette, pizza or wrap evening: if there are still chopped vegetables left over the next day, a colourful vegetable pan is the best idea! Just chop in every vegetable you can get your hands on and sizzle it up nicely. But don't forget our Vegetable Allounder! It is your miracle weapon when it comes to veggies and really goes with any vegetable. No more boring leftovers. Now you finally know how to flavour your vegetable pans deliciously. By the way, we also have the mix in the Mediterranean version! Cook some couscous, pimp it with our matching mix and in just a few minutes you'll be floating in food heaven.


Endless Ways to Enjoy Your Vegetables 

Looking a little beyond the vegetable horizon, there is so much more than colourful vegetable pans or vegetables as a side dish. Whether it's a classic salad or a fancy bowl - if you like vegetables in their raw, natural form, our Avocado Topping is your mix! We promise you, besides every Avocado dish, our Avocado Topping gives the finishing touch to any delicious bowl with all kinds of ingredients. Looks yummy and tastes even better!