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Mamma mia! Do you love Italian cuisine? Then you need a lot of Amore in your spice rack: our spices and spice blends for Italian cuisine will help you with that.

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Italian spices: spice blends for Italian cuisine

Pizza, pasta, bruschetta, risotto, tiramisu and so much more: we have Italian cuisine to thank for all of this. However, Italian cooking does not have to be complicated. With our Italian spices you can also cook delicious and simple Italian food at home. Our Italian Allrounder is the absolute all-rounder of Italian cuisine and enchants pasta, pizza, bruschetta & Co. with just one spice mixture.

Life without pasta is possible, but unimaginable. Luckily, our Bolognese Seasoning will help you prepare the Italian classic in no time. Our tip: use the Bolognese Seasoning for tomato sauces as well – mamma mia, you’ve never had such delicious pasta sauce! 


Order spice blends for Italian cuisine online – simple, easy & fast

Online orders are complicated and take far too long? Not any longer! In just a few clicks you have brought your favourite Italian spices to your home. So the pasta party can start, the pizza dough can start rolling out and there are no longer any limits to taste explosions.