Baking & Desserts

Baking & Desserts Baking & Desserts

Baking & Desserts

Can't get enough of delicious pastries and sweet desserts? Fortunately, here are our spices for baking and desserts that bring your baked good to the next level. 

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    Spices for Baking & Desserts

    Are you an absolute sweetheart? Cake, oatmeal and sweet desserts are simply a must for you? Then we have just the right spices to help you throughout the day: Our spices for baking and desserts refine every sweet recipe in no time. Whether you prefer a sweet start in the morning with our Coffee Kiss that sweetens up your black morning coffee, cappuccino or latte or crave a piece of Banana Bread in the afternoon. Our spices for baking and sweets provide you with sweet delicacies.


    Spice Blends for Sweet Drinks 

    Mhm, that smells like fresh coffee! We love sweet coffee and always refine our morning coffee with a pinch of Coffee Kiss. The spice blend emphasises the natural coffee aromas of your favourite coffee and makes it a delicious treat. The best thing about this spice blend: It’s also perfect for cappuccino or latte macchiato. Even Pumpkin Spice Latte or other fancy coffee recipes can be improved with our Coffee Kiss. Can the sweet start in the morning get any better?


    Sweet Breakfast: Spice Blends for the Sweetest Start into the Day

    We love a sweet start into the day! Pancakes, oatmeal, banana bread and cappuccino are a must. If you want to create the most delicious sweet dishes on your own, you do not need much time or several fancy spices: Our Pancake Spice sweetens pancakes, crêpes and waffles within the blink of an eye.  At the same time, our Oatmeal Spice rounds off every oatmeal perfectly – whether nutty, fruity or unusual with grated carrots. And even banana bread lovers will find their perfect match: Our Banana Bread Seasoning makes banana bread an even tastier treat! 


    Our Sweet Spice Set: Everything You Need 

    Just do it: Get our sweet spices in a set and enchant delicacies, desserts, pastries, etc. in no time at all. From breakfast to afternoon pastries and coffee: Here you will always find the right spice and you can live it up to the full in the kitchen.


    Simply Order Our Sweet Spices Online

    Enough of would, if and could: just order our spices for baking & desserts online now. In just a few clicks you can order your favourites to your home.