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Eat your way to the Far East and dream of Thai beaches or Japanese metropolises: Our spice blends for Asian cuisine make it possible.

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    Pure Asia Feeling: The World of Curries

    Whether you cook it in a restaurant or at home, Asian cuisine is very popular. Indian curries and Thai curries are particularly popular, but Pad Thai and fried Asian noodles are also very popular. There are subtle differences, especially with curries, depending on the country of origin: Indian curries are prepared with a lot of meat or vegetables and a wide variety of spices. Coconut milk and a good amount of curry paste are a must for Thai curry. Chinese curries, on the other hand, are mainly prepared with chicken and a special curry sauce, which also contains coconut milk. Luckily, our spices are as varied as Asian cuisine!


    Asia Spice Blends for Asian Cuisine 

    In most Asian spice blends we find classics from Asian cuisine, such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, chili, ginger, cardamom and pepper. Did you know that turmeric gives many Asian dishes a yellowish tinge? At Just Spices you will find delicious spice blends for Asian cuisine: Pad Thai, curries and wok dishes become a treat!

    Our curry spice blends are particularly popular: the Chicken Curry Seasoning enchants tender chicken and makes for delicious curry pans. Simply marinate meat or add it directly to the pan. The best thing is that this spice not only tastes delicious with meat, but also enchants vegetable curries in no time. If you want to prepare Indian curry, our Curry Madras is the right thing for you: this spice blend makes homemade curry super easy.


    Asian Cuisine – We Cook You to Asia!

    Crisp vegetables, tender meat in bite-sized pieces, hearty soups with a good addition, exotic spices and an endless number of vegetarian and vegan alternatives: if you could eat at the Asian restaurant every day, you shouldn't blame them! The Asian cuisine is simply great - in the truest sense of the word. Because of their versatility, we sometimes no longer know which country our favourite Asian dish actually belongs to. Hence, we did a little research for you and brought the right Asian spices with us! 


    China: If You Eat Up, It Was Not Enough!

    Slurping, talking with your mouth full, grinding your teeth - what causes indignant looks in European restaurants is considered completely normal at Chinese dining tables. It takes a little getting used to, but what's on the table is all the better: fresh vegetables, lean meat or even the famous Peking duck, fish and seafood, noodles, rice, soy as a sauce or processed into tofu and dim sum. Of course, we eat with chopsticks!

    Putting the authentic spice from the Middle Kingdom on your plate is not that easy. But there is our Chinese Allounder, which combines typical Asian spices such as aniseed, ginger, chili, garlic and fenugreek seed. The list of ingredients is long, but China is big too! Bring a piece of Chinatown into your kitchen! 


    Japan: Rice, Rice, Baby!

    Japan is an island. More precisely, over 6,800 islands. So, it's quite clear that fish and seafood of the best quality can be found on every corner. In raw form, it is also popular right after getting up. And – no matter what time, rice! Typical of Asian cuisine, it is even the most important ingredient in Japanese. Compared to their neighbours, the Japanese cook with significantly less oil and spices, preferring the natural taste of the products. Miso soup, sushi, sashimi, sake and ramen are well-known Japanese dishes.


    Korea: Soup and Kimchi Fans

    Koreans can't do without their kimchi, a vegetable side dish marinated in salt, chili, garlic and fish sauce. In general, spicy food is very popular here. And with every meal there is soup. Fish and seafood are common, and among the meats, beef and pork have made it onto the menu. While this Asian cuisine has a lot in common with Chinese, the same cannot be said of the table manners: in Korea people don't smack their lips, talk while eating, or put the soup bowl to their mouths.


    Thailand: The Herbal Paradise

    Those who always reach for fragrant jasmine rice in the rice department are in good hands in Thai cuisine! Both fragrant and sticky rice are available here from morning to night. A delicious variety are different types of pasta, such as rice noodles, which you know from a typical Pad Thai. In addition, the Thais are totally into spices and herbs. Basil, ginger, garlic, coriander, lime, lemongrass, but also cumin, turmeric and star anise are very popular ingredients here, as is coconut milk. Incidentally, Thai is one of the few Asian cuisines in which one person eats a large portion alone. It is common practice to place many bowls in the center of the table for everyone to help themselves from. Oh, by the way… in Thailand you don't eat with chopsticks!


    Vietnam: A Dream for Vegetarians

    Spring roll fans are in the right place in Vietnamese cuisine, because this is where the crispy, filled rolls come from! Rice and noodles are an integral part of every meal, although the latter like to swim in a strong broth. Surely you already know Pho? While here the hearty soup is often slurped up with friends in the evening or ordered for lunch from the Vietnamese, in its country of origin it is eaten first thing in the morning as a solid base.


    Simply Buy Spice Blends for Asian Cuisine Online

    What are you waiting for? Get your favourite spices and spice mixes for curry online now. In just a few clicks in the shopping cart, a few days later at home.