Barbecue Spice Mixes

Barbecue Spice Mixes Barbecue Spice Mixes

Barbecue Spice Mixes

Everything you need to season or marinate meat, fish and vegetables or sprinkle over dips or salads. Make your next barbecue unforgettable with our delicious spice mixes.

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Just Spices Barbecue Spices and Spice Blends

What is the best Barbecue spice for meat, fish, tofu or salad? Figuring that out can be a real challenge. However, so that you always have the right spice at hand, our chefs have perfectly matched different Barbecue spices to the respective dishes. Instead of hundreds of individual spices for Barbecue, you only need one for the ideal preparation.


Using Barbecue Spices Correctly: Tips & Tricks

Good spices should not be missing for Barbecue! How you use them correctly then decides whether you have an enjoyable BBQ or burnt spices on the grilled food.

Basically, you can season chicken, steak and minced meat before grilling. Salmon, fish and seafood can also be lightly rubbed in beforehand. The aroma of the Barbecue spice blends can develop best if you marinate the meat and fish a day in advance. If you decide to use a rub, you can rub it lightly into meat and fish a few hours before grilling. You should then refine and season after grilling. This is how you are guaranteed to have the best taste. In the following, we will also explain which spices and spice blends go best with meat and fish and how you can easily make marinades and rubs yourself!


Spicy Barbecue Spices for Meat

Whether steak, chicken or meatballs end up on your grill: With us you will find spicy Barbecue spices for your meat. Best of all: all our spice blends are perfectly matched and do not require any flavor enhancers. For 100% natural taste on your grill plate.

Chicken Seasoning: The Barbecue spice blend for spicy chicken in a class of its own! With smoked salt, tomato, garlic and chilli you ensure proper seasoning on the grill. Simply use as a rub or mix a marinade with oil.

Meat Allrounder: Our absolute all-rounder for Barbecue & Co. You can use this to refine any grilled meat in seconds.

Burger Seasoning: How about smoky and juicy burger patties from the grill? Our Burger Seasoning convinces every burger buddy! Insider tip: The combination of onion, tomato and pepper also gives meat alternatives that certain something.


Grill Marinades: Give Your Meat that Juicy Extra Kick

With the right barbecue marinades, you can give your grilled food that extra taste kick. Did you know that there is a suitable barbecue marinade for every type of meat and that this basically ensures that your meat is super tender and juicy? Best of all: With our barbecue spices you have the ideal basis for making barbecue marinades for every taste yourself in no time at all. Because our spices are free of any additives and flavor enhancers, you can put the taste of the meat even better in the foreground!