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Special Offers from Just Spices

If you’re one of those people who like to buy everything in a set, you've come to the right place: Right here, we've put together our spice sets and special offers for you. Whether it's a movie night, perfect for baking, ideal with meat or for a vegan diet, you'll find the right spice sets here. The best of all: You do not have to search through our entire online shop to find the right spices for Italian cuisine or Mexican cuisine, you can just have everything you need in one click: Try our Italian Spice Set and immerse into the most delicious pasta recipes, make bruschetta yourself or enjoy Mediterranean flair in your kitchen. If you’re new to Just Spices, our Starter Set is the right place to start: Avocado Topping, Roast Potato Seasoning, Curry Madras, Egg Topping and other spice blends will ensure that you have everything you need to cook recipes from different cuisines – from breakfast to dinner. 


Our Special Offers: Your Advantages

Spice sets not only offer the ideal combination of different spices and spice blends, but they also make it easier for you to start your spicy journey or are your gift with a wow effect. Our Allrounder Spice Set, for example, contains all kinds of Allrounders: These spice blends were developed to make cooking particularly easy for you and to give you a wide selection with just one spice can. Besides that, we put together our best-selling spice blends in our Bestseller Spice Set: Oatmeal Spice, Avocado Topping, Pasta Allrounder, our Sandwich Seasoning, and more spice blends wait for their use in your kitchen. Whether you want to make delicious bowls for lunch, eat healthy for breakfast or enjoy authentic Italian pasta, our Bestseller Spice Set has every spice blend you need for these encounters. 

The most important thing: All spice sets are put together carefully and with love. Whether you like to cook soups and stews or eat vegan: We support you in every cooking and living situation.